Domination Icon Jersey Glitch

So I’m like 90% certain that I just got to lock in the same icon jersey sets twice from fantasy dom. I had just completed the 29th game and only had the final spurs game remaining and I went to my rewards jerseys and it let me lock in the set with only 29 jerseys (there was a missing jersey slot for the spurs on both home and away) and I saw my token count increase on my screen each time. Then, after I beat the spurs I went back into my collections and it allowed me to lock in the set again. I saw my token count increase on my screen.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Or am I missing something

Wish i tried earlier as i just completed these sets this morning lol but you do get 40 tokens. 10 each page, maybe one page was completed

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Yeah idk maybe it’s an oversight but I had not completed the spurs game. The set said locked in the page but the spurs jersey was missing

Might b lucky then. All tokens matter at this stage lol

I’m two divisions in on FD. So you’re saying - at 29 teams beat, go to the collection and try locking it? Then finish the 30th team and I might be able to lock again?

Edit: I’m just gonna try locking it every game I play. lol

Yep. I did my divisions in order but idk if it matters

Lol same here just keep trying to lock it in. Wouldn’t hurt.

Lock it in.