Domination Grinding Gang (2K21)

Who’s in? I’m down 7 games already :joy:

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How’s the HOF difficulty?

Wtf how you on the game already?

Just finished my first. It was easier than I expected. Except for KD going 0-10 on open 3s.

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Via New Zealand trick.

I’m in, but I can’t get on the servers currently for some reason.

Not too bad, just gotta use guys who are good with blow bys.

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Bobby Jackson

i will join the gang at 12 am EST.

proud to be apart of this lol

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That’s tough lol

for anyone that has him is sapphire dame good

i thought ppl were playing already bruh

It’s actually past midnight in Ireland, already changed back my location otherwise you can do it np if you’re on Xbox.

I’ve been on madden bro I haven’t even been keeping up with the latest 2k news. I don’t think you can change your location on PS4 though

i want my game to arrive right now. these next few days are gonna be so stressful waiting for my game to arrive

By that time we will have spaceships bro.

Done 5 but only credited for 3 lol

is domination even worth it? the only good card is gonna be Mikan, you can’t add badges to Elgin Baylor because he’s an evo card.

Had 2 errors myself :frowning:


Even Van Excel is cool, so is Gilmore because of height.