Domination grind ? For $$

Does anyone on here grind domination for $ ? Just don’t have the time to do it at this point with work and planning a wedding. I’m on XB1 btw.

50 hours roughly to grind, are you paying fair wages?

How much you paying?

Throw out some prices on what is thought to be fair. I’m open to anything right now. Hadn’t thought it through yet

Have you done any domination?

Yeah, almost completed regular. Will have that done by tomorrow night

lol just grind it out slowly… cant trust others over ur account…

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Lots of trustworthy bois on here


Like 3 people on this forum have access to my account…this is false.


Who are you?


About everyone on this entire forum will vouch for me if you would like my help.

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Guy who joined 8 days ago. Doesn’t realize most of us known each other for a year.


Good looks

Just buy mt lol. Completing domination is outdated. If the rewards were auctionable they’d be worth 50k total. I guess there’s tokens but unless you’re gunning for opals that’s not even worth it.

More about the tokens i assume.

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lol. mainly want to do it to collect all of the cards & tokens for sure

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I’ve handed my account over to a few on here including @Awanz there’s a lot of trustworthy people on here

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Awanz trust worthy bro

Lmao okay lil guy

I know what yall look like behind that computer