Dom2k on why he quit myteam

Everyone loved 2k19 but this video shows exactly how trash it was. Every fucking card with base 11 did that garbage.


I’d rather have base 11 than actual brick wall screens

And yet it was the best 2k in the large few years. Turrible

Base 11 took no skill as you can see in that video. Glad 2K realized it and got rid of it

I like 2k20 more than 18 and 19. They were both trash in their own ways. 2k17 still better than all 3 but now that most cards have HOF clamps, I’m getting those 2k17 vibes again.


I f dat not mind it, but I can tell who is going to win a close game after the first two shots of the fourth quarter.

This year is worse. Defending screens is near impossible. Far more glitchy than base 11 was.