Dog question

Im debating between getting a german shepherd, or belgian malanois. Im having a hard time making up my mind. Im looking for a great family protection dog that is loyal, energetic, and loving. Anyone have experience with either of these dogs? Obedience and training will be a definite as well.

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I wish I could train a dog to do schedule challenges for me while I’m at work.

Sorry, not helpful but how great would that be?


I’d train him to beat dom for me. I quit 2k though and life is good lol

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I’ve been around tons of German Sheppards and can say they are incredibly obedient and family friendly. A family friend had 2 while I was a kid and those dogs were so damn well trained. There could be a full thangksving meal on the table and you could leave the room knowing they would never go for it.

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these are very similar breeds

if it’s your first time owning a dog you should look elsewhere than a gsd or mal

i own an australian shepherd & it fits the bill of what you’re looking for with less liability — if you don’t know what you’re doing owning a gsd or mal is a liability


Just get a lab they’re the best

My family has owned big dogs and I’ve been around them all my life. I know what im getting myself into im just curious if anyone has any experience with mals. My parents currently owna shepherd/rottie cross and hes a tank. 108 pounds and lean and ive trained him well while i lived with them.

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2nd one is one of the few breeds I’ve never heard of

My vote would go to a Doberman

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I have a GS. Super smart and loyal dogs.

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Very nice title :slight_smile:

Boxers are the best family dogs imo.

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Boxer/rot mix, best dog I’ve ever had … And he can clear a room when he rips one lol


Great Dane for maximum protection

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Doberman is my pick too but theyre 3-4k canadian and thats a little too much lol

Great Dane is actually not a great guard dog. Prone to early health problems, not much natural instinct to guard/protct like a rott/gsd does. Definitely intimidating and a scary ass bark though. Insanely strong biteforce as well, just missing that instinct to protect.

The Great Dane is much more of a “watchdog” than a “ guard dog.” The phrase “it’s bark is worse than it’s bite” is very applicable to the Dane , as their bark is quite intimidating, but will do very little to actually deter an intruder if one got into your home.

Just buy a gun.


mals & gsds are extremely similar

mals are usually a little leaner & have that upright proud look to them, they’re def higher energy & more playful than gsd’s, high prey drive

my ex had a girl mal, i’d rather have a mal than gsd myself but only if you’re ready to dedicate crazy hours to training & playing with it


Boxers are the best…only downside is short life span.

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