Does XP carry over to season 2?

I can’t find a definitive answer anywhere! Does our XP fully carry over? Does our XP reset to zero? Does any amount over 150K carry over? All I have seen so far is people making guesses. This is important if you already have Curry.

know one knows. this question has been asked about 100 times today and before making new threads look through other threads because the question would’ve most likely been asked

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Asked…yes. Answered…no.

Believe me I looked

That is just another assumption someone made. It is just crazy that there isn’t a definitive answer to this question. It is very important for real life time management and for NBA 2k21 My Team MT management.

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If it wasn’t answered in that thread, why would it be answered in this one? Nobody knows bro, this is the first season. Nobody here works at 2k, so you’re not going to get a definitive answer until the seasons over.

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I tried asking about this on Twitter and through the in-game “ask a developer” menu so hopefully we get some clarity soon.

I know Robby had to go because what he did was unforgivable but at least he’d answer the community’s questions when issues like this would come up.

It makes no sense for a company as rich as 2K to not have a full time employee available on Twitter that the community can converse with on a regular basis.

I would hate that job. 1 million tweets to you telling you much the game sucks and what needs to be fixed. They probably don’t have that job because you’d have to be insane to even want to take it.


If this is the case then steph will still be attainable in season 2 if this happens since you have to pass 150k xp before you move forward?? And we will get like a 97 galaxy opal reward at 300 or 350k xp???

Not saying this is what I believe is going to happen, but what is based on that statement.

Nah it won’t ill bet on it with someone

It definitely won’t, i think it just keeps counting right now because it’s broken. There’s no way they’re going to use all this extra XP just so someone can jump start over everyone else next season. I can’t see it.

yeah i think we reset to 0 xp at the same time

I would guess that it resets as well.

When Curry was initially available did they say anything like “you wont want to miss out on him”

Depending on what they said the terminology should give clues, if the xp stacks then he is unmissable.

It should be reaet, like in every sports game… new season, everyone starts from zero.

if the xp carries on and you need let’s say 350k for the next season there’s no way you’re going to be able to do it unless you went for steph so i’ll just hope it resets

Not knowing totally sucks for all of us loyal customers of take two interactive. It is obvious that if it carries over a NMS grinder should continue to “rent” players and grind XP challenges even if they already have Curry like me so they can get a jump start on season two. However if it resets to zero XP for season two why would a current Curry owner continue to get taxed to death on their MT or have their real life money be wasted on packs for mediocre cards that will be worthless by the 2nd 250K tourney qualifier???

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2k can always release new challenge tat gives 5k xp per challenge for those who dint grind for curry if the xp carry over to season 2 and force ppl who want season 2 reward to get the relevant cards to do those super high xp agenda…300k xp in 30 days without 5k-7k xp per challenge will be impossible lol

If only 2k actually explained their game features clearly to the fan base.