Does VC Glitching Make the Game More Fun or Less Fun For You?

I’m genuinely curious.

I tried to get it set up(and thanks again to the guy that sent me the info), but I screwed it up somehow. Then I realized how much I don’t like everything MYPlayer, so I got out of there. And then, also, I kinda like to go at MyTeam in the more grinding way— it’s sort of what I’m used to.

So, I really would like to know, does having sorta unlimited funds make the game more fun for you?

Would you prefer more limits? Does it take the challenge out of things? Or is it ideal for you?

More fun of course. :slight_smile:
No way I’m getting every card that I want without the glitch.


More fun. The feeling when you get that pd glow


If there was some card I actually wanted on the AH I wouldn’t want to sit and grind TTO for hours or sit on snipe filters either.

Once you go 12-0 there is very little excitement regardless. Some guy on here is selling his account after getting Giannis the game is so dead.

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I wouldn’t even have dared to start a my player without the option to boost him with the zero min method at the beginning of the year.

Keep in mind: 2k designed this shit so that spending no money leads to a less fun experience. That’s all they fkn do.

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Well it saves money so that makes it more fun.

what does “the game is dead” even mean?

i get instant queues at anytime of the day & there’s an insane amount of action on the auctions

if you like to play then the game is great IMO


It means there is little incentive left to actually play, at least to me.

There are no other rewards and new cards are coming out at a snails pace.

They won’t even drop another Opal reward when they know their most hardcore player base has been waiting for months. Walt doesn’t count.

They should drop another tournament mode or something.

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Yes 100 % fun. I look forward to doing my daliy routine to get my vc to open packs. Since the glicth been out it like they turn down the pack odds some. They where already trash but they really make it hard to get pink diamonds.without veronica myteam would been boring and my team would of been basic.

Does free money make life more fun? Cmon man…

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I read all your posts. Nice to hear some opinions I wouldn’t have thought of.

Coz I’m a grinder—not a spender, or glitcher—the economy has been like nothing I’ve seen in past myteams. I’ve got a god squad this year, where I wouldn’t have had one in other years.

It seems with the glitch, it’s just a buffet for all. Wonder how ol’ 2k is doing dollars and cents on myteam this year.

after/while grinding domination ive spent another 400 euro on packs - got nothing. then i started looking into this veronica thing. im not playing online, just grinding ah/veronica to have a pack opening with a buddy of mine once a week. sadly i believe the weekley pack openings are the reason im staying around…


Damn it bro you spend way too much. Good Thing Veronica is here.

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it didnt hurt but if i showed you my excelsheet about my spendings with and without veronica, i cant be mad that im glitching those fuckers…

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I wonder who gives a flying fuck. If this company’s headquarters exploded tomorrow, I’d laugh my ass off and go piss on the ashes. I hope they got kicked in the dick when it comes to their yearly financial statements.