Does this happen to yall or am I the only one?

I have literally never seen this they just making up shit, a Clear Path Foul in a half court set…

Wow, never happened to me but that is some

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The coding on this game is so bad. Real clear paths aren’t called but this is? Smh


You hate to see it

Too bad you can’t challenge :joy:

Howmany times do I have to tell y’all that height is everything in 2k

Challenging should be a thing in online. The refs are literally coded to miss calls sometimes.


Yeah the damn rebound is a whole nother conversation, My Bill Russell just lets it bounce of his damn hands right to Yao even though hes in perfect positioning

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Don’t play with 6’10 center

Just curious, any other weird occurrences against you in that game?

This can’t even be argued as an away from the ball foul in the final 2 minutes of a quarter because Yao clearly has the ball. WTF 2K? :man_facepalming:t2:

Yes it has happened lol

Nothing like THAT but definitely was gifting him some offensive rebounds.

This happened to me last night ! Dude got a very shady steal. I tried to foul right away to stop the Fastbreak. They called the greasiest over and back. The whole game I was battling the GAME. And the GAME won. My opponent got a gift lol

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Yeah I wasnt putting up with that they want him to win then they can have it, first game of the day… Frustrating just wanted to play some 2K without complete BS lol

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The whole game I was battling. Down like 10. Then cut it to 5 with a minute to go. And then this shit lol

This is may best basketball 60fps 4K ever have seen not in YouTube

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Not even 4K only 1080p haha I have a mac and they dont have a 4K Elgato for it yet

How is that Dragonball game, @ItsShake4ndbake?

I haven’t had that called on me yet, but I did get called out of bounds the other day when I was dribbling by the free throw line.

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