Does the MyPlayer card keeps it's badges when imported into MyTeam?

I understand the imported card will have preset attributes but do the badges transfer over? Just wondering whether it is worthwhile grinding out some HOF badges before importing.

Nope you get 3 unfilled badge slots

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I accidentally imported my pure SC and it shows I have HOF difficult shots.

BUT when I used him in triple threat, the HOF badge wasn’t popping up.

I added a couple badges and upgraded some. If you upgrade a badge you carry over, the badge resets.

But the badge I accidentally reset (mid range deadeye) pops up for me.

So, I have no idea what’s going on with badges for imported players, but there’s def some glitchy stuff going on.

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The badges carry over, so it is “worth it” to grind first.

The issue, is that the badges themselves are glitchy, so no guarantee they will actually work after importing.