Does Terry Dischinger Exist?

I’ve played 100+ games and still have not gotten a whiff of the guy. Most of you have probably played even more than me. As DBG said, whenever the vault opens, we all get a glimpse of hope. It’s all gone the next second when it says 1,000 mt. If anyone at 2k sees this, (@6thManSam) please double, triple, or even quadruple the chance to get this card since it is THAT low. We are all going insane over this one guy. I’ve tried everything to get this card. I’ve tried not eating apples. I’ve tried methods but nothing works.


They could just add him as reward for completing the 100 ttof wins :man_facepalming:

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Come join the misery

So… How can I take advantage of the vault

No he does not. He’s a hoax.



Won over 400 now. I didnt even get diamond consumables

Fuuuuuuuck. I’m at about 150 and going deeper and deeper down a hole of despair. Got Embry in about 60 games, Beck in 15. This ain’t right


I’ve gotten 1 Chuck Person, 2 Jeff Malones, and 3 Wayne Embrys. None of this is right.

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Lol not for me he doesn’t. 203 wins smh

making it 5 times more likely barely even increases the chance

since the actual chance of getting it is like 0.0000001%

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Not gonna be easy to RNG manip 2K with how little we know about how their “randomness” is generated

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225 games… At this point Is a joke…

Took 75 double vault games to Embry, 55 to get Beck and here we are 250 games later with two Hedos. :man_facepalming:t5:

Saw this and decided to give up for the day

he doesnt exist

Yeah, I gotta say at this point it’s getting to scam artist levels. I’m at around 250 wins and haven’t gotten him yet, which is absolutely ridiculous. They can stick their one token and 1,000 MT where the sun doesn’t shine. The stuff that this company constantly pulls on their customers is amazing. Then it’s almost an argument of “Well, you let us treat you like shit, so it’s your fault we treat you like shit.”


i have made 100000 mt from 1000 mts


I truly hate to see everyone’s difficulties with this.

I literally pulled him my very first game after he became available, and then pulled a duplicate yesterday. :man_facepalming: