Does someone know this?

This guy can get me 2 free diamonds of my choice if I give him my account just the time he “installs players”

Sounds fake but not sure

Lol if you have to ask then it’s fake


Hmm, odds are he’s gonna change your info, sell off all of your cards before you can recover it, and send the MT to his account.


A dude that saw that I packed an Ewing came talk to me a bit. And he quickly came o’ the discussion of who you want next. He then talked about this guy and told me he could get me in contact with him. I went talking to him, saying I was his cousin like he asked me, and then we started talking. This looks too surreal to be true isn’t it?

Nah dawg, here I can get you 3 FREE diamonds and some MT. I just need your email and password!

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If this is true it’s insane but… I don’t want to risk all I have for 2 diamonds

It’s fake. I guarantee you that. And if you think it might be real, make another account with nothing at all and give it to him. Then try to login to it

It’s a scam dude.

Don’t have the time for that, plus he could give me 2 diamonds on an account with nothing, and then grab all my players on my real account

Scam for sure

How would he take your players on your real account if you don’t give him the info? Lol

Hes mentioned selling MT. Probably gets it from scamming accounts and selling off everyone for MT. Idk how someone would be able to just put 2 players on your account.

Are you really asking or… do you want to lose everything that you’ve earned?

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Nah I blocked him. I won’t risk all I have

Plus the other dude came to be because I packed a ewing. Both of those guys must know each other and aim for the guys that actually have solid teams

Bingo. That Ewing is around 100k which is like $25, not to mention who else you have.

Yea for sure. Man this is so fucked up. These guys found a good way to screw some people

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This is such an obv scam bro. Did you really have to ask?


@MagicJ if you fall for this … I know someone who can turn $200 to $20,000 if you send me a picture of your debit card and mail me $200 you interested bro??? Just say you’re my cousin when you write him. Not to insult you , but don’t be a dummy. soo many people fall for this same scam