Does shot contest rating matter on user on ball shot contests?

I’m thinking no…for example if you have a guard with a 69 shot contest rating and you are able to time a Curry/Thompson three would the shot be less likely to go in if the guy had a 90 rating?

This is an interesting topic and what I would say is there are a lot of factors that go into shot contest effectiveness. Badging, ratings and length of the defensive player as well as the type of contest such as a close out or just straight up and down. Also I would think the same goes for the player you are defending such as their badges, height, ratings and so on. One would think shot contest rating would matter in terms of how effective the shot contest will be in terms of making the shooter miss. Which would matter greatly seeing as contested shots can fall at a high rate for some people.

I was also wondering if D Stopper nerfs limitless shots that are contested?

I’m not sure if it would nerf it per se. A guy with limitless typically has DRD which that is downgraded by D Stopper. You usually want to extend pressure while playing tight on ball/ deny off ball to prevent snipers from going off

I have gotten pretty good at shutting it down, be interesting to test it out.