Does opal yao get range extender with tmac duo

Really looking forward to buying this duo, just wanna know if yao gets range :slight_smile:

yao dosen’t improve at all, just T-mac, i think

He does check 2kmtc game is glitched, bjt 2kmt doesn’t shiw badge upgrades

No yao gets some stats boosted to 99 and his three ball goes to 90 but he doesn’t get Range Extender. I purchased the duo yesterday tried it out and tmac goes up from 18 to 25 HOF badges


Would you say its worth 350k-400k? I would need to sell oop2 ak, giannis and wes to aford it…

Surprisingly yao’s jumpshot is so good even with out range extender you wouldn’t know because his release is so nice

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Honestly I was a little disappointed for the duo especially for its cost. I already sold it wasn’t happy that yao didn’t get any badge upgrades like clamps or range and also for some reason yaos release seems smooth but it rarely greens in game and he never made anything unless it was green.

Man yao ming was one if not the best center last year :frowning: