Does New PD Oscar have the same release as Mikan?

Pulled Melo and love him so I might just grab Oscar with my other 400 K. Thanks.


U sure? It looks the same on the freestyle footage I’ve seen. You have them both?

I have mikan , not Oscar , mikan’s feels a tad slow but from what I have seen oscar’s is quick

Mikans is slower than base 11 but not slow. Maybe like one percent slower than base 8.

We on for today?

Ya man that’s cool. I actually had to go into work last night and you didn’t message me. I also got my account silenced for calling some dude a dumbass for saying Drexler is a garbage card.

I think someone mentioned that he has Jerry West’s release.

What’s a good time today

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Wanna play now real quick? I’m gonna go to the zoo in a little while.

Thanks dude.

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You still available?

Ya let’s say 12 mountain time? Is that cool?

Actually now? I’ll PM you my GT.

Cool pm me

I did…let’s do it dude. Got shit to do haha.

Boutta inv

Cool man let’s get it done.

We can do it later g my stuff in shambles