Does Kareem deserve a GO card in this year’s 2K?

Last year, he surprisingly only had a 98 Diamond with 78 3 ball, so this year my guess is they gonna give him an endgame 98 TBE Kareem while releasing Curry/Kyrie this month ?

Any thoughts?

He has enough cards imo.

But he doesn’t have a version with high 3 ball (70+ )

He deserves a GO more than anybody, and he’ll probably get it as a collection reward or something.


I think 98PD is more possible

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And also more affordable, TBH 98 and 99 doesn’t have big differences at stats

Yeah that’s more probable. Either way, he’ll get a card with a make-able 3PT shot and way better defense.

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I am waiting for him … he’s a god last year

I mean Greg Oden has a 3 ball

I mean imagine comparing Jabber to Oden lol

If Malone and worthy have gotten a go then he should also, he’s a top 5 player of all time

Last year Lou Will got a PD but Kareem didn’t…

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But he deserved one

Tbh, Worthy can’t compare to Malone.

Karl has an argument for 2nd best PF of all time, probably the most durable player ever and the oldest MVP winner.

On the other hand if Worthy has a GO, then we should have like 100 GOs.


I hope so but 98PD will be more affordable to everyone!

He hasn’t had a 99 since 2K16


2K hates him like Lillard

And this was 99 overall card.
I wish we could get back to those times and have cards actually play realistic, instead of having 100 copy/paste cards.

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Shinostique, a die hard Lillard user, cries in tears of joy

Shinostique: “You the real MVP.”

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Speaking of that Kareem Reward Card in 2k16, remember when peeps managed to sell rewards Kareem on the auction house? I remember that card being expensive as hell.