Does Jaylen Brown make an All-star team in the next 3 years?

I think he has the tools to be a really good 3rd scorer and 2nd level defender, but does that translates into him be coming a all-star? I’m only asking because of when he was drafted and who he was drafted behind

He missed it by a hair this year

It kinda depends on the East in general but he can make it next year

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He probably will

Only thing that would keep him from making it is the number of star level scorers the Celtics have. He’s definitely good enough now.

Who would you rather have RN Middleton or JB?

right now he has the talent to be the third best player on a championship team.

he’s really underrated on both sides of the ball.
should make an all-star team especially if him and tatum become the big 2 in boston


I would take Middleton, but I would take Brown over Beal, personally, I know Beal was balling out this year but I think Brown defense and scoring overall is better then what beal gave you on both ends of the court

He should, but it’s a hard sell for Boston to have 3 all stars even if they deserve it

Yes, because I think he will be the 2nd best player on the team 3 years from now as Kemba slows down.

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He just turned 30 lol he’s not like CP3 or something. He may play less minutes but there’s no reason to think he’ll slow down

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I’m not expecting his performance to fall off of a cliff, but NBA history is not kind to 6’ point guards over the age of 30, and Kemba already has some knee issues. CP3 has fared much better than most. I just think Jaylen in his prime will only trail Tatum in the hierarchy unless they land a big free agent (which I doubt happens).

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This blows my mind


Yeah, Beal is a BUCKET, as well as an underrated defender and facilitator. I think Jaylen has a better upside due to athleticism and size, but that’s about it.

As far as the OP question, it really just depends on the landscape of the league in that time. If Giannis leaves, Middleton won’t get those first place team votes, but it’s likely Beal or Wall who’d be filling that void. Kyle Lowry and Kemba should be falling off soon and I don’t see Sabonis getting back in. That leaves a few spots for him to creep into. If he becomes the second option behind Tatum, I can easily see him going next year or the year after.

Yes he will.

Yes he will next year bank on it I love me see JB

Crazy thing is, I was a Beal fan when he got drafted, but I just like brown better, I think is versatility on defense is ignored, he can guard 1 thru 4, clearly not all 4s but some due to his build, offensively he can score off the dribble, catch and shoot, not as good in the pick and roll, but I think he can be really good with his new found dribbles


Maybe I guess.

I like Jalen too don’t get me wrong. Versatile young kid that has great tools and good defensive instincts/ ability. I just feel like I could easily write a 5 thousand word paper on why Beal is no lower than the 2nd or 3rd best SG in the league lol I think Beal is the most underrated player in the NBA. Dude balls out while being the main focus of every defense he goes up against.

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Beal deserves recognition. Someone should trade him out of washington.

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Denver is coming for him :grin:

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