Does it also give points when we lose a match in Unlimited?

If yes, how many points does it give?

Yeah. Usually about 180 or so.


been thinking the same thing, so even at that 180 or so will take about 30 losses if the other reply says around 180 points or so to reach 6,000 points to get a centerpiece which is what I’m chasing.

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just played my first game, lost by 20, got 160 pts

maybe it also depends on stats like points scored etc

wonder what happens if one quits, guess no pts but will try and tell you

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I’m 2-2 in Unlimited and have 770 points. One win and two losses were rather close, one win was a quit by my opponent. It does not seem to matter a lot what the circumstances are. But maybe you get a few more points if you obliterate your opponent.


second game, guy quits at the end of the first, got 163 pts, go figure

I’ll keep track and update this post

  1. FG (full game), lost by 20, 160 pts
  2. OQ (opponent quits), 163 pts
  3. FG, lost by 4, 156
  4. FG, won by 2, 204
  5. FG, won by 35, 275
  6. OQ, 147

Lowest amount of points I got was 145. Which was for my opponent quitting before tipoff. I am not sure if 2k changed it, but before I would not get a win for a quit that early.

The most points I received was 340 for winning by like 70. This was vs a player lock opponent that didn’t play at all. 24 second violations when he was passed the ball.

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