Does floor general allow you to speed boost

Running ward at the 1, ruby, and have a player in my starting lineup with ward who has 78 ball control, does ward plus 3 and then a plus 5 ball control from coach allow that player to speed boost, they only have 79 speed with ball as well

I believe you have to have 86 speed with ball too this year to speed boost.

If thats the case, a shoe on stack house for ball and swb should push him over the line

Does anyone know what it boost exactly?

Does Floor General boost SWB? A knowledgeable reply would be greatly appreciated

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I figure it does but that’s also pretty op

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Floor general boosts all offensive stats and defensive leader is all defensive stats… Don’t see why floor Gen wouldn’t work for spd w ball.

So what about speed? That’s an all around stat

That’s a good question. I’m not sure about the athleticism stats. Sorry.

Yea that’s what I’m saying I could easily see athleticism stats not being included. Thanks for trying to help though

Ima play a game later in domination with ward and Lebron starting, I can see if Lebron could speed boost or not, coach nurse give him 5 ball control to take him to 83 and then ward should give him 3 in offensive ratings to give him 86


it’ll boost ball control, not speed

you need to check the formula with speed/ball with the upgraded ball control

yes it’ll allow you to spd boost if its above the 86 speed/ball threshold, just like building your takeover meter will allow you


Anyone know if floor general stacks if multiple players have it? That would be a bit rediculous

Only 1 Floor General can be active, the higher one in the team. The same with the defensive one.

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