Does anyone use Kyrie?

And will you upgrade to his possible diamond moments card on Monday?

Don’t respond if you’re one of those people who use Blake or Ben Wallace at point guard lol

I like Kyrie yes but no i will not upgrade. He got a nice shot release tho

I dunno if I can start him could be rough against these huge ass lineups but if he gets the diamond I want him off my bench. I haven’t tried his Amy but I played some people that killed it with him against me before

I got the amy and he kills it for me off the bench. And fuck all those teams that run big lineups lol. I run Steph and Kyrie (actual point guards) and they ball out


People who use Kyrie in 2K balls haven’t dropped yet.

Lol why do you say that?

Just seems to be the trend. Its usually younger kids who use him.

He’s like that generation’s Jordan. I don’t get it.

Flat earth?

All kids under 14 are flat earthers apparently.


Just use strickland instead tbh

The Heat Check is 94 OVR right now, enjoying him in TTO but probably wouldn’t run in UL

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Celtics barely even using Kyrie :wink:

hes okay. cant dunk but great finisher. his size leads to gon getting swatted a lot. okay at shooting the long ball. defense is a huge liability.

I’d use him if Oscar wasn’t in the game

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I got good stick skills to unleash his mad handles. But that doesn’t matter as much anymore because everyone is too scared to play onball defense now. Sigh

No chance of defending Oscar with Kyrie

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One thing I like about 2k19 is that the mid range is back. So I don’t get swatted that much simply based on the fact that one I break down my defender, I usually pull up for the middy

Kyrie is a baller.

To be fair, he apologized (to teachers and young minds) for the flat earth thing and said that he doesnt believe it anymore hahaha

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Haha I didnt know that, that’s a step in the right direction