Does anyone on here play pro am?

Wondering if anyone on here would want to get a pro am team going? I use a Driving & Rebounding Center. Would like to get a fun squad going. I play on Ps4

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I’m up for it, add me on ps4 MantusPT.

Okay, my psn is JMontelephone

Frishdawgz is my psn. 89 ovr 6’10 SF Shot-Creating Point Forward. I run with a 92 ovr 6’6 SG Pure Sharp often as well.

Okay, I’ll add you guys when I get on. Playing with randoms, I don’t even touch the ball unless I grab a rebound.

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I was a post scorer last year so I feel your pain. I always get the big men involved. I still believe in controlling the paint at both ends even if adapting to the 3pt meta is necessary.

Just cuz I’m 6’10 I end up as the big man on alot of park squads and idiot randoms never realize is basically a PG in PF clothing so I get that treatment still sometimes.

I’m 6’11 265 Driving and Rebounding. So I just set screens and try and get some easy dunks but nobody feeds the roller.

Drives me nuts when a guard has zero patience for letting the play develop and allowing the roll man to make his move. I understand the meta is 3s 3s 3s but alot of those good looks they r taking can be great looks if they actually utilize the screener once in a blue moon.

Gets ridiculous when all people want to do is jack up the first three and expect the big to just rebound

got a 6’2 white boy pure passing PG , 70-something ovr if anyone wants dimes dropped on em…

psn: thevredesbyrd3

get some!

you guys need a pg atm?

Had a guy call a timeout everytime i touched the ball… fun Game…

Bro if you still need one I’m down. I’m a 3 level scorer sg. Good solid team defense and can hit from the wing

Bobowman92 is my psn

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If you still need someone I need a team