Does anyone know what shoe or coach give Opal Dino slashing takeover (preferably with dantoni)

I’ve tried gold lebron 15s and they do the job but im looking for a diamond shoe, wasted 8k mt on shox shoe just to have glass cleaner again…

Pf and c this year only get glass,rim and sharp takeover due to the positions pg,sg and sf get all scoring takeovers and a few sf get glass take you can’t really change a pf/c takeover dramatically only depends on what coach you use if you use a shooting coach or a defensive coach it will vary

i used dantoni and opal shaq had slasher takeover

Showtime Shaq with Malone and the Diamond Reebok Answers gave him slashing.

The purple hyperdunks or blue pg4’s might work for slasher

CAP lmao…do you even play this game bro @lebronshairline ???

If you have no clue what the hell your talking about, please refrain from making :poop: up and spreading false info.


I get Slasher with Shaq, Wilt AND Kareem

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check out the thread here. BTW v curious to know what those gold lebron 15s boost pls

As far as I remember, d’antoni boosts driving dunk.
Good. But no layup.
You need a layup shoe.
Then d’antoni only boosts defensive rebound. Good.
Because if you boost offensive and defensive to 99, you’re stucked with glass.
So you need a layup shoe. Like a layup and speed with ball shoe like the rebook diamond shoe. Should work with d’antoni.
You need layup and driving dunk to be the 2 highest stats, as far as I remember

you probably need vert too. remember pd curry? I have 99 layup and dunk but it’s still glass

D’Antoni boosts layups
Dino need vertical 98 or higher (not sure if 98 vert override off.rebound though), so slash is impossible

I think it might be based on the average of the important stats

@mapemapemape @KennyMcK69 u could potentially use a coach that doesn’t boost rebounding at all and see if it works. I sold pretty much all of my coaches except the 3 Amy and pop before this drop to raise cash. so I can’t try it

I might try with 97 vert but doubt it’ll work

Never looked at vertical.
I have my garnett a slasher and had glitched shaq slasher as well that way. I’ll check on console as soon as I can.
I just know you need layup and dunk to 99, without having both rebounding to 99. And d’antoni is perfect for that

Yeah they both have 98 vert

I think it’s rather shot close than vertical.
In myplayer it’s the same. When you have high shot close for some builds you get called a slashing whatever, if you take the shot close away you get a different archetype

Tied quite everything,
Gave him 99 shot close layup and dunk, still glass.
Tried a +3 vertical shoe, still glass.

The only way I can get him slasher with d’antoni is the gold LeBron 13, with +3 vertical, +standing dunk and +3 shot close
D’antoni already boosts his layup and dunk to 99.
With that shoe standing dunk, driving dunk and layup, and shot close is a 99. And vertical a 97.
Then he gets slasher

Edit, Kenny already found out

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I never said it was impossible to change the takeover but the coaches play a large role in what type of takeover your players get ?