Does anyone have a cheesy Giannis dribble move guide?

Asking for a friend

Just run forward and eurostep, nothing else needed.


Simple running crossover gets them almost every time if you have space. Also snatchback and go opposite direction works well. He also has a cheesy running behind the back that doesn’t lose much momentum. Otherwise most people I play in TTO just do momentum cross then behind the back and boost our out of that.

Honestly just spam the stick and he does crazy dribbles. The GO is amazing

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If youre running full speed from your side of the court, his left to right regular crossover is one of the fastest Ive seen

good players know to take a charge if needed

his regular crossover is simple but so fast

Basically run and crossover to the opposite hand that the ball is in, you’ll speed boost past and then euro step that bitch

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I don’t use him but all you have to do is switch hand swerve dribble until you see a crease or back up and do the same thing from a distance before gaining momentum to front cross, blow by animation or snatch back based on the defender.

All the rage quits I get from getting people to commit 3 charges in a row is hilarious.

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I saw that on a YT video , and i must say its quite effective

his crossover destroys anything against the CPU so people think it works the same online

a couple charges later, tempers are flaring and its not giannis’ fault at all

Speed boost, stepback, drive, euro, dunk

Go crazy go stupid

Christ. I dont dribble moves. How TF you even do a crossover lol. I dont want to give some asshole on youtube views

Flick right stick from ball hand to non-ball hand.