Does anyone else struggle with Kawhis shooting?

I’d prolly get him going with some midrange jumpers and layups, as opposed to only jacking threes with him.

I tried him (with the open 3/acceleration Jordans) for about 10 games or so, and I had the same exact result. I greened shot after shot with him in Freestyle (on HOF difficulty), but bricked shot after shot in Super Max. No clue why. His defense was phenomenal for me, but I just can’t have that much of a shooting liability at a SG/SF spot. Luckily, I sold him when he was still going for over 300k.

He’s release is slow but easy to green when open. I haven’t got much success with him shooting off dribble though.

I sold him the first time around. Picked him up again and he’s a new man. I’ve hit multiple fadeaway 3s with him. Just hold down shoot and be patient.

Damn if one is hoping for advice of getting him or not one is fucked. For some Kawhi is godly for others he is a bricklayer :sweat_smile:

I think people just jack threes and expect them all to go in. A phenomenal shooter shoots 40-45% from three a good is in the high 30s. Way to many threes jacked up in this game.

I agree. Shot selection matters a lot. I’m averaging 47% w/ 97 Steph. Phenomenal. Especially considering I take really awful shots with him.

Steph is a different person, he’s one of the best contested shot makers in the league. He has to be he’s tiny.

Dudeeeee… If you don’t have a KD on your roster then you are doing it wrong my man. His player model alone makes him OP. Been out for months but 98 KD is still as unstoppable as any card in the game. His length along with that player model make him a stronger defender and rebounder than expected as well.


98 KD is the best offensive force from the perimeter. Silky smooth jumper and fast slashes to the basket.

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I wouldnt hesitate to label him the smoothest all around shooter in the game. His C&S, his off-dribble, his spin jumper, all of it is just silky. Greens feel so natural.

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I played my first game with Kawhi and went 1/4 bricked two wide open mid ranges. Got nothing but full whites. I’ll need more run but so far I dunno

Nooooooo hahaha. Play like 10 minutes of free style with him. I did that. And went crazy first game

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I think if you have issues with him, it’s a personal thing. Possibly insurmountable but my guess is that the slowness to reach full bar is the issue.

I have the Amethyst and have played it a ton and he’s a reliable shooter, if he’s open upon release. And I play with Pop as coach.

His contested shot tendency is 100 which explains his ridiculous 3 point success rate

Lol he clamped up a Bron running 5 out the next game so there’s that the defense is top notch. I never really force anything so didn’t shoot much with him this game he wasn’t really open. I did attack with him and his finishing was great, there will be a defender there and he does that nice euro side step and dunks similar to Tmac.

If I can’t get his shot down unfortunately I’d probably have to let him go but we’ll see need way more burn

This is exactly how he was for me, he’s amazing on defense and consistant with Dunking and everything. But when he averages 6 points it kinda feels like a waste only because of the low levels of plays you can run for him.

Just put mine on the auction block Idk what it was that made him brick so much. Good releases and everything and would miss so much

I know i’m late to the party but i sold my Kawhi and picked up diamond t-mac, and oh my god … this is diamond t-mac on seriously on another level

Well… yea. D Tmac was 1 of if not the first true no-brainer end game card.

On a more related note, if Tmac is slotting into where you were playing Kawhi and you are being much more successful than you may have been utilizing Kawhi incorrectly. They are not the same kind of player even if Kawhi hangs with him statistically on offense. Regardless… TMac is a must cop so enjoy my man.

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