Does anyone else struggle with Kawhis shooting?

Since I’ve had Kawhi now he’s been by far the best defender on my team and the worst 3point shooter on my team. He’s shooting 1.3 per 4 attempts for me and I’m scared to shoot with him in fear of his bricks hitting one of my other players in the head.

I had him and sold him after about 10 games. He was a carbon copy of his amethyst for me, and was laying bricks

I just swapped my base amethyst for one with a shoe, but even with his base he was probably my most consistent shooter hitting I believe 1.8/2.3 3pointers a game

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I’ve never used the amethyst, but I paid for better 3pt shooting and so far he hasn’t delivered. He’s literally keeping teams in the game with his bad shooting. I like 98 Bron a lot more than Kawhi right now. @Jdx32

It’s probably just me then. Some people just have the Kawhi release 100 percent down.

He’s been one of my favorite cards since 2k16 and I use him mainly as a role player to only shoot open shots. Some games he will have 1 shot attempt, another he will go 4-4 from 3 depends on what the defense is doing. That’s why I wouldn’t get his diamond because he would just be a role player for me

Yikes I just dumped all mt on him hopefully he’s good

Everybody on my team is basically a role player give them all about the same amount of attempts… mostly open 3s I just can’t shoot with him. I think ima just auction him. I paid like 250k for this card and he averages 8ppg on like 30 percent 3pt shooting @Gpap

Sounds like a sell 4 u. My Kawhi has a shoe so my experience will be skewed but I find him incredibly reliable. Shoots well enough that I run him as a 2.

I have a diamond shoe and diamond contract version

Who are you gonna replace him with?

I would sell but there is literally not a better sf in the game to replace him with. I already have 98 Bron

No one I don’t think he can be replaced. I already have 98 Bron. I don’t see who I could actually trade Kawhi for that would be better… maybe 96 or 98 KD. I have to see how his defense is first tho @Gpap

I have the exact opposite experience with Kawhi. It seems like he has a 109 three point rating for me with HOF Limitless ×10.

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Are you consistently late or early on releases ? Sometimes taking the time in freestyle to get used to his animation release helps.

I’m not even sure. I make all of the shots in freestyle. It’s only in game he struggles @raptorsbenchmob

One thing ive noticed across the board is that its better to releases early than late. Late releases miss SOOOOO much more. Im still getting used to his release too. But i havent had that much of a problem yet. 15 games. 45% from 3


The OP shooting stats and badges on Kawhi are really bonuses and should be treated that way. Don’t use him like MJ or Kobe. Treat him as a secondary scoring option and don’t force with him. Then he should be OP. He is a luxury 3&D wing.

I have the Amy and he’s an absolute beast on both ends of the floor. His release is one of the best imo, and his shooting has been consistent and OP for me even the heavily contested shots

I struggled at first. It’s slow. Be patient and let him fully extend for his jumper. I shoot nearly 50% from 3 with him. Just as good as PG13 or TMac.