Does anybody know if this play exists?

To all the Warriors or NBA fans, I am trying to find a 2K play similar to that little give-n-go corner 3 play the Dubs run to get Curry that quick look. Normally he runs towards the corner but passes to a forward standing in front of the line, runs around him, gets the ball back & pops it.

Does this play exist in 2K?

I know exactly what play ur talking about. Usually draymond setting it. Last year it was zaza lol. I dunno it exists though.

I don’t think so but you can do something similar on your own. Dribble to the corner call for a PnR from your big, pass to your big before he sets the pick. Use L2 and manually seal off the opposing player and using full reciever control icon passing have your shooter move towards the wing and launch. It’ll take practice but it’s very doable.