Does any coach have the Princeton Chin as a default freelance?

Malone & Stevens do not. Who is your coach? Does he have the Chin by default? I’m sick of making the switch every game.

Bumping for the afternoon crowd

I do not think so

Swear we need sa preset offensive settings so that we don’t switch it every start of the game


Nah, but I know how you feel. Sometimes getting everything set up is more annoying than actually playing the sweats lol, but well worth it

Any of you guys ever run Mavericks 03 playbook?

I turn my offense on auto playcalling, select about 6 of the first 8 plays. All quick hitters for a corner or wing three off a double screen and go to work!

Not sure if that’s similar to Princeton chin free lance, but from what I remember when I have used it, I thought it had a lot of similar quick off ball screens for threes.

They have it stay in MyLeague so idk why not MyTeam

They have a good pick and pop play in there. Can’t remember the name but I’ve ran it in past years

I’m actually doing offline challenges. It’s kinda more annoying when i know i have to do the same setting 300+ times… to the point where i’m willing to sacrifice my coach boosts to have it right.

If anyone understands how to rig the settings to where we don’t have to turn off the shot meter after every update, that’d be nice to know too…

@carsyncruz, Princeton Chin is more for running offense through your C & getting cuts from your guards.