Does 2k think only kids play their game?

Given their promos.


Kids are naive and gullible. They think they will actually get what 2k advertises in their packs. What fools.

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I mean more in a sense of what cards we get. They REEK. We could get Dirk with Bol Bol’s stats i’d fuck with that. Now bunch of nobodies keep getting W’s. I dunno.

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Honestly, the only reason I’m still playing MyTeam is to reach my 2900 cards and get my achievement. After that, I’m heading over to Play Now Online. Realistic gameplay (when compared to MyTeam), realistic players (When compared to myteam), and no overinflated teams (when compared to MyTeam). Just a more enjoyable experience for me.


Any idea how 2k backs away from all these crazy stats? Shits gonna get worse and worse. Never playing this mode ever again. Shit isnt even basketball, all the players are the exact same to the point where people are just looking for animations and player size. Garbage.


Seems fairly clear to me based on how MyTeam is going. They’re just juicing cards like you already can in MyLeague and making you work for them. But with matchmaking. Money talks

there is the silencious majority, and the kids begging for a dean wade card on 2k’s twitter. I don’t know if kids are the majority of the people, but they are the ones making the most noise to 2ks ears.
And they will buy packs more than adults would so 2k must be happy about that

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Prior to today I never heard of Dean Wade.


I’m a cavs fan and I barely never watched him play

Come to Our my league online. If you’re on PS4. It shits in PNO

He played at k state and was pretty good

I don’t think kids know who any of these guys are outside of the Dean Wade troll card.

Like you said , the kids don’t care about names only how the cards play in the current meta.

The Biggest problem imo is the over inflation of the shot players stats . It makes the gameplay corny af ,
If Ben Wallace breaks klays 3 record there is a clear problem

I dont get what makes him a “fan favorite” he does not play at all basically

At least with bol bol he’s freakishly tall, but this is just some white guy who plays for Cleveland

DBG made him a meme

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Nah these cards aren’t that great in the meta either. I could see if they gave them all base 98. This drop is just weird on all fronts. Looks like filler to stretch out content.


I’m Xbox. Thanks though!

Joined a MyLeague Online for cash earlier this year. I beat the owner’s buddy and then beat the owner and got kicked out because I ran a zone and stomped them by 30 each while they sent double teams lol…

I would guess kids and adults play 2K. I know I loved the old NBA Live games as a kid. LOL

They see how much money kids are spending on fortnite and are trying to cater to that demographic

Yes, we would have to kick you if you broke the rules too …no zone…no cheesing etc.