Does 2K really care about it’s consumers?

I’m genuinely curious to hear everyone’s opinions on this subject.

As well as your answers to the questions below. As I know everyone has different reasons for purchasing and playing this game. I’m interested in knowing if everyone is in the same boat, or if it’s a case of a divided opinion.

  1. Do you feel appreciated as a consumer of NBA 2K?
  2. Do you feel like 2K currently cares more about making a good basketball game for the consumer or more about adding micro transactions for the consumer to purchase.
  3. Do you feel like 2K are still making the best possible effort with each of their games, or do you feel they do the bare minimum and re-release an almost identical copy with little changes every year?
  4. Do you purchase 2K because it’s fun, or just because it’s “the only playable basketball game” on the market?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to answer.

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes


2K Employee confirmed



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I’ve never found a game that disrespects my investment (both time and monetary) more than 2K. I have been given the run-around on these bug infested “basketball simulators” by CS more times than I can count when citing legitimate issues I’ve had over the years.

I hope this answers your questions

  1. No.
  2. They only care about profit.
  3. Bare minimum
  4. It’s the only basketball game out there.

Please NBA Live get your sht together in next gen so we can see some actual competition.


:eyes::eyes: Ya got me. :joy:

Yeah, thanks bud.

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  1. Well they do have an awful lot of content this year, although every free card becomes pointless after a little while I think. But still, there is a lot to do compared to like 2k18 so that’s progress I guess.
  2. 2k cares about being cool and releasing cards that people would pay a lot for. So obviously they want the money. But at the same time, they also release a lot of budget cards so it’s not totally pay to win but payers do get some advantage.
  3. The game is still basketball. How much can you change it? The biggest problem for me is that offline everything’s ok. My players move like they are supposed to, while sometimes online they are in the mud. Idk if it’s my connection or what the hell is going on with this. Sometimes the lag totally kills the game.
  4. Haven’t bought the game’s last two releases and won’t buy the next one either. Just too repetitive every year. It’s a love-hate thing. Takes up too much free time if you don’t want to spend money on VC or MT and instead grind for MT.

Exact same as myself then. Was just curious if I was in the minority or majority.

Been playing 2K since 05, and a couple days ago I genuinely couldn’t remember the last instalment to incorporate something new that I enjoyed (outside of the addition of Park)

Winner winner chicken dinner . The second part not first part :joy:

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You’re not alone on the third answer. I constantly fight button delay/lag, if I’m playing during the day. To the point I can’t shoot at all some games, but that might be because of the EU servers? Who knows.

At least I know I’m not alone in purchasing because it’s all there is. Need my basketball fix :eyes:

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lol no. they did at one point but that was years ago.


nah nah nah nah

  1. Yes due to 2K support (even though I grade them an F for providing generic responses to my questions, I still appreciate the effort).

  2. 2K AKA Visual Concepts is a division of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO) As a public Company, they will always cater first and foremost to shareholders. So obviously with this mind, they care very much about developing a great basketball game in an effort to sell microtransactions. I implore you to read Take Two’s annual reporting/filings.

  3. Visual Concepts knows their bread and butter so they spend a ton on research and developing the best possible game. Yes it may look identical to us due to constraints of the gaming systems. The real test will be next gen systems.

  4. I purchase 2K because it’s addicting and fun. Why else would I spend over 900 hours this past year on this game?


Yes 2k cares about their consumer in a different way. To get all that money that’s what they depend on :joy: :money_mouth_face:

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I appreciate the response man, I agree with a lot of 1-3, but with the last point I’m the opposite.

I’ve played a lot of hours this year also, but mainly with friends, whether to discuss the NBA season and catch up with buddies who have moved away, etc. It’s just the gameplay is not as fun for me as it was from 09-14. Maybe it’s because I mainly play MT on my own, and it’s so sweaty and the gameplay sliders seem to be not to my taste in fairness.

1.No, they release vc only packs, that tells it all

2.2k just cares about finding more ways to monetize their game.

3.They do the bare minimum, the amount of input lag their games have combined with their terrible servers is INEXCUSABLE for a triple A title.

  1. I buy 2k bc I’m a basketball junkie and I have friends who literally only play 2k and no other games.
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Does EA really care about their customers? That’s the more alarming question. They’re not prevented from making a sim NBA basketball game due to exclusive rights and they’ve still been embarrassingly bad compared to 2k for about a decade now.

You don’t think if 2k had the NFL license this whole time, their football game would be as poor as LIVE has been the last 9 years?

If you ever played Madden, LIVE, NFS on the PS2/Gamecube/first Xbox, it’s depressing to see how far that company has fallen over the past 15 years.