Doc Rivers is nothing special

Only made the finals twice and won one championship with clearly one of the most talented teams in the league (Boston.) Couldn’t get the Lob City Clippers to even a Western Conference finals let alone the actual Finals. Now, with again arguably the most talented team in the league, Doc can’t get them out of the second round.


Bronze Coach


Only casuals thought otherwise, or rather, didnt even think about coaching being significant when it comes to success. Guys just saw notable names on paper and penciled them in as champions.


Been saying this for years


Blown three 3-1 leads

I’ll give it to him, he can get a team to listen to him, but he has no idea what to say

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Game 5

At home

Up 3-1

Up 31 in the 3rd quarter

Lose the series


I think it says more about Kawhi than Doc. Also says more about the Raptors than Kawhi. Can’t manage load into a championship :v:


This collapse is on these players period. U can’t buy a team they have no chemistry but its more about the nuggets to me. The first team to come back twice in history down 3-1 in a series. Give nuggets their props hell of job.


Have been saying this since the Celtics’ most recent championship.

It’s incredible to me how many “experts” and “analysts” praised Doc Rivers for being a “good” coach, when, in almost all of his ‘Mic’d Up’ moments, his coaching boiled down to nothing more than throwing out phrases like, “C’mon, guys” and “Let’s go.”

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I agree, Doc embarrassed himself. I mean how can you be this badly coached and you have a coach and an assistant coach, both of them won championships as HC in their career? Mike Malone isn’t anything special as well but he adjusted in both series and Denver fought until the end. It takes a lot of guts to come back from this kind of deficit.

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A full healthy warriors would’ve destroyed that Toronto team that whole finals series was a fluke


Can’t base it on what you hear from mic’d up stuff. That’s filtered because they can’t broadcast actual X’s and O’s. But I do agree with you with Doc being overrated. Other’s also consider how he handled the Sterling controversy, commendable of course, but not related to it’s winning (closing) time.

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Wannabe be Phil Jackson totally failure nobody teams want him Clippers hire him just lucky

Doc’s been carried by star players his whole career. He has an eye for what talent to ride but that’s about it.

Stop it. Get some help

Just accept reality. Warriors and Nets will be healthy and hope for a full roster this coming 2021.

Look forward, not back

That’s facts, a healthy Warriors team in 2019 would’ve at least given them a gentleman’s sweep (4-1) & possibly pitched the shutout (4-0).

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Time for people to move on. What ifs in basketball are kinda annoying tbh.

Who cares its over. Tbh people were tired of GS and still are bc of KD

I’m not a Warriors fan, or a fan of what KD did to join them. Look at my user name, lol. I just know hoops & that team was just unfair.

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Yeah I hear ya. I’m just tired of the warriors. Nothing against those real fans of em that were there since the beginning I can respect them but the ones who bandwagon when they started winning more.

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