Doc Rivers Documentary on Netflix

Most have seen them maybe.
Episode no.1 is about Docs title with the celtics and they talk about the racist clippers team owner that gave Doc a real hard time.
Last episode is about a female college coach and national basketball star.

Doc Rivers is a real cool and tough guy / coach.

If you want to see an narcistic, arrogant a…le check Episode no.4 about Soccer coach Mourinhio.

It’s called the playbook.


I’ll definitely check this out. Doc feels like the perfect coach for the Sixers. A match made in basketball heaven.

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Mourinho episode is awesome😄
The female football coach was the lowpoint for me.

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Does he teach us how to blow a 3-1 lead?



I stopped after that episode …I think it was the second episode :joy:

Funny this time last year yall were hyping up the Clips as champs now its Doc jokes lol