Do You Use Strategy Cards?

Pretty much what the title says. I’m just curious how many people actually use strategy cards. They just feel like placebo to me.

I use em if its a close game. Ususally mid third quarter, beginning of the 4th and around with 2 minutes left. I use Frank Vogel so i only get three. Now I only use them to boost Pyhsical Defense and i usually notice my team defends better for those stretches.


It be great if 2k actually explained how effective these cards that are in every single pack are lol

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They are too cheap not to use in a tight game. I been picking up 20 for like 1200. Lol

You can get tons of these in schedule mode why not use them

I use them, but I don’t really notice much of an effect.

I don’t use them

I use them in scheduled challenges when playing 15, 29, 30