Do you think we get extra levels past 40?

I’ve got Luka, now not sure if I keep grinding just incase?

What do you think?
Also when will 2k announce extra levels?

Never ? :joy:


^ he’s right

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Just enjoy the 5-week break from grinding XP mindlessly. It’s healthy to spend some time apart from playing the Knicks in rookie domination. Your relationship will become even stronger when you return together for the final season.


They won’t, but I would like them to give us an ascension every 15,000 over 150,000. I only have one more shot at Grant.


This ^^^

We need this so bad

Nope. But I suspect a grindfest on the horizon for something else. Maybe another Bill type spotlight grind. There’s no way they handed out that much XP that early without having a plan B.

and maybe one of the requirement is ‘you must use invincible luka’ lol

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Also noticed that the pack release XP grinds are now time based. Previous season you could do at your leisure.

This is what scares me.


If they do release levels above 40, or make those awful reward cards a lock-in, without telling us first, I feel like a majority of the community would be done.


That seems like the most likely scenario.

I bet they want us to have the Luka for the new Domination. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dropped it this upcoming week or the week after.

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I don’t care if its an invincible Yao, no way I’m doing those season rewind agendas for every team.

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