Do you think Jordan will be better than T-Mac?

I had the PD Jordan last year and he wasn’t even my favourite card in the set… I mean, the free throw line dunk was cool, but he didn’t stand out that much compared to Magic or Shaq. This year I have T-Mac and I can’t really imagine Jordan being any better… He’ll be 2 inches shorter, no HOF limitless, worse three ratings. On the other hand definitely better on defense with HOF defensive stopper and pickpocket… All in all, considering the prices I believe I may stick with McGrady until the end of the cycle. What do you all think?

I think Tmac might be better than diamond Jordan, but pd Jordan will be better than tmac. They gave pd jordan a 95 three last year, 98 with the duo. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan does get hof shooting badges since everyone gets them this year. And I don’t think Jordan gets any stats below 85, with most of them being in the high 90s

Jordan will beat tmac in defense/mid/attacking

Tmac will still be a 3 God… The guy should always be feared in clutch situations behind the arc

Get both… move Tmac to SF and have MJ play SG… or have whichever one that has better passing stats and badges play PG

Lebron has limitless and u think a pd Jordan won’t have?.. They will give him so many hof badges, half of the genious myteam community wont be able to count.

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I mean LeBron is a better 3-point shooter than MJ ever was and he’s actually been historic from deep 3’s this season.

He will be way bettter. Mind though that I benched TMac after 5 games :smiley:

Lebron is a better everything for u im not going into this again :shushing_face: I dont argue with kids watching Jordan from Youtube, sorry.

TMac is one of the best. The way he catches fire is unmatched. I’ve hit 5 threes in a row with him. He just catches fire… It’s amazing.

Tmac is a cheat code when he gets hot and even when he’s not on fire, he’s enough of a threat offensively and adequate enough defensively to be a plus player. Mine has a diamond defensive shoe which helps as well.

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MJ is a career 32.7% on 1.7A per game. LeBron is a career 34.4% on 4.1A per game. MJ’s percentages were be even lower if he hadn’t benefitted from a shortened 3-point line for 2 and a half seasons. These aren’t biases these are facts lmfao LeBron is a better 3-point shooter than Jordan was.

This is the problem with people looking up stats. If you weren’t around to see Jordan play you wouldn’t know. Taking a three back in those days were called Inefficient shots and you were guaranteed to have the coach yell at you for not taking a shot closer to the basket. In this era if you can’t shoot the three then you can never be considered an above avg player because you have that huge limitation. Jordan could shoot the three and he regularly hit deep 2’s. People forget shrug Jordan came after reporters said he wasn’t a shooter so he set out to prove them wrong and did the very next game.


As somebody who’s over 25, I agree. Jordan could shoot from distance. It was a different era entirely.

So it’s just a coincidence that they shortened the line for 2 and a half seasons and all of a sudden he could shoot 3’s… MJ is like Wade and Kobe. He has a flat shot that works great from the mid-range but does not extend out to the 3-point line as well. He probably could have adjusted a bit better if he came in later on when 3-point shots were more encouraged but he never would have evolved into a great 3-point shooter.

Jordan was the type of player that could have evolved into anything he needed to evolve into. I remember one playoff game they were getting killed on the glass and Phil told him to get get some boards and he finished the game with something like 16.

With that said, limitless range for Jordan doesn’t make sense. I don’t remember (I’m sure he diid, but I just don’t remember) him ever taking a three a few steps behind the line and I’ve seen probably every televised Jordan game there was. When he shot them, they were as close to the line as he could get.

Tbh we will never know because we are comparing two different eras. Your still rationalizing it in today’s mentality, where the three and dunk is your go to and mid rangers are blasphemy. Players didn’t care if the three was closer or further because that was their last resort. Why shoot from 40 when you can put your back to the basket and get an easier shot? Why risk an extra point when you could have a much better percentage shooting 15 feet or closer to the basket? There was no sense to shooting a three. That era was a physical brand of basketball where you fought into the paint for a better shot at the basket.

I can’t see them giving Jordan HoF limitless range… there isn’t a lot of older players that get this badge… Larry Bird and Mullin are the only 2 that I can think of who played in the 80s… and Mullin played till 2000. I can see them giving Jordan gold limitless range tho. But really idc if they give him gold, hof or no limitless range… he can have a 79 3pt rating like his amythest and Ill still more then likely drop a shit load of MT for his card… and he will still dominate.

Lebron does not deserve a hof limitless range badge, neither Jordan.

Dude… Lebron absolutely deserves it.

“James is shooting the deep three better than anyone has since at least 2000.”

It’s not opinion that lebron is a better 3point shooter… it’s a fact backed by statistics