Do you seek/attack matchups?

Just curious if you see mismatches on D you can attack do you go hard at it and how often do you see people adjust ?

Had a guy put Duncan at 2 to contain my Pierce post fade :smile:


Blake vs Magic all the time. I have Dray at Pf so either him or Magic is my top scorer usually.

People rarely adjust the matchups, so when u see Curry on Magic and Jokic on KAJ its a free win

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I mistakenly put porzingis at 3 and won all the boards. Defending the 3point line

Gotta put back that profile pic of that guy with a hat bruh

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I usually play 13 deep and i dont end up using same 10 players in every game.

Attacking SFs at PF relentlessly, attacking Melo or Dirk with whoever he is on etc. When I had Steph and they had a big PG at him, I was just running tons of screen actions for him as they were not able to follow plus became tired easier. Half of the time I didnt even want to shoot with him, just wanted to exhaust them.

All game

That’s my main thing, if I have AK at the 4 against Blake, I try to make Blake guard the perimeter

I occasionally do that. I used to have Pd Kemba and switched him against any larger pg