Do you like the new or old locker code method?

Me personally I love the old method . It’s was fun and you knew if you enter the code in time you get the player vs a rigged ball drop. I was a locker code typing king . I had a set up with the nba2k app and computer and the Twitter on my phone.the only thing I like about the new method is if you miss the player you get can get mt or tokens.

The New One.
Since Everyone has an Equal Chance.
Especially those who work or go to school.
And yeah the Time Zone Differences too.
As @Wojtek Said :innocent:


You’re kidding me right? What about people living in different time zones. :slight_smile: ball drop is way better. Loved that change just as I liked the token rewards.


same i used to have tweetdeck open on my computer and an android emulator running the 2k app so i could just type it super fast on my computer and get it almost every time lmao

that being said the new method is much much fairer for everyone :sweat_smile:


Think about every people living in europe. For us it is almost impossible to get the code as it drops around 3 A.M. I just managed to get derrick rose in draft night because i was awake and ready for the code but that is the only one


That’s one things is the availability to everyone and the token method that was introduce. But you can’t say you didn’t like the rush . Seeing the card post on myteam account and typing it .Plus no errors codes when putting it in.

I remember 2k putting codes out for you guys and we had to stay up around 4 or 5 am to put in a code. I think it was for pd Ben Simmons I think I can’t remember.

You can’t be serious @tyrone795 . Don’t be so heartless.

Sorry to say it but the old way was aimed at people who could waste hours a day sitting in front of their computers and other devices waiting for a code while responsible people were out living.
Only people who miss it are the ones who got the players every time, and the same people got them every time.
You should be thinking how much time you spent wasting away in front of the computer for codes to drop each year, probably embarrassing.


I swear we had this exact thread like yesterday did we not…? Haha


The old locker codes. Screw these ball drops.

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I wish the ball drops had less errors :confused:

100% this.
I feel like I wasted half my summer last year waiting for codes.

I get the OPs point. But the current system is as fair as it gets.

The only complaint is that maybe 2k could give us more codes for players only. Like the PD 20th code (that was a nightmare server wise) or the couple TDIH codes they’ve done with a board full of only players.

Not to mention…codes are great. But they completely destroy the servers.

Going off topic a little, but MLBTS is what 2k should be looking at. I only played 17, but the rewards system, challenges, conquest, etc…FAR superior to anything 2k offers. I actually preferred playing that game offline. but in the year that I played it, I only remember 1 time having trouble with servers. And when it was all fixed, they gave everyone currency & packs. :bulb::bulb::bulb:

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i got every code last year

old >


I think this year is far more fair. But i g0t every code last year. Cant get shit this year.


Absolutely the new one. Not everyone has the luxury to be able to camp for hours refreshing Twitter, also Europeans were screwed most of the times, unless they wanted to get up mid night at 4 am :joy:

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You did not have to camp on Twitter to get the codes. I got every code at work through the app last year waiting no more than 2 minutes. They almost always released them at 1:00 pm EST. It wasn’t rocket science. I don’t know why everyone acts like the people who got them had to stay in front of their computer for hours upon hours. That wasn’t a thing.

That being said, the new method would be good if we actually had at least a 50/50 chance of getting something desirable from the board. 2k instead decided to put literal shit on the board. There shouldn’t be 2500 MT slots on the boards in June. At least make it 10k.

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I love the ball drop because of the timezone but I would love to see the pins removed and the ball moving way quicker.

I think that shit would be hard enough to time and the way it is now is such luck base that theres no really skill in dropping the ball.

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I didn’t even think about this. That would be a lot better. It would be a lot easier to stomach getting a shit drop if you at least had complete control over it and it wasn’t completely RNG based.

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Timed codes sucked for people that have responsibilities (or live in different time zones). Ball drops yield worse rewards. /thread … We already had this discussion.

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