Do you have hope for 2k21

Do you have hope for 2k21

Do you think 2k will improve myteam in 21 or just make some slight useless changes like they always do. I hope they completely change the mode and add way more ways to play online simply going 12-0 just doesn’t cut it and grinding evos isn’t fun

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I’m gonna buy 2K21 will try myteam.
But will play myGM if it’s toxic

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Who knows at this point

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Next gen consoles come out so I would think that they would try to make 2k21 look at least presentable. I think they might bring in Barkley or Reggie to get more sales. Maybe even a sheed. All I ask is that they do their job and fix their fucking game


sucks that it will be released for both consoles. the next gen won’t be out til around christmas and 2k is released in september, not sure how it will work? we play for a couple months then have to start all over lol

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Most likely backward compatibility

that would be most convenient but i’m sure they would love to charge us twice and make everyone start over

No I have no hope and I am not coming back unless they scale back the predatory microtransactions and give decent offline and token rewards.

After 2k19 , I realized that this mode will not go back to it’s former glory ( 2k15-2k16) and I can spend my money elsewhere or even buy better/older high quality games.


I just hope they make the game good again I miss the days where I could play 2k for hours

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Sadly, I think there will be no end to microtransactions until there is legislation that bans them. All companies gonna milk us while they can

Next gen 2K will most likely be a lite version. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2K21 on current gen to be basically the same again

Yeah ur right this gen there weren’t any real changes till 2k15

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I understand that it is here to stay, but it shouldn’t be blatant. That is my gripe. I absolutely hate it .

I don’t even care anymore after this year. Every year it’s like they try less. All my friends stopped playing. Even the simplest things they somehow mess up and on top of that everything they say is a lie.

Yeah they’re not even subtle about it anymore lol they know they can get away with it. I don’t think it’ll be too long until the Government does something though


This photo of Ronnie at 2k21 meeting… these dudes don’t look promising :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

it’s a cycle for us basketball fans… endless cycle. grinding evo on your fav players are fine. every good games are all about grinding.

it sucks there is no competition. I love the NBA and basketball but until Live can make a game let alone a competent one it seems like I have no option but to shell out 60 to 2k every year.

Ea and 2k both suck but I’d rather have ea make the game at This point 2k doesn’t give a shit

I am not holding my breath. I am just gonna play myGM from older 2k’s to tide me over. Ill just be here to live it vicariously through you guys. But 2k doesn’t get my money anymore