Do you ever have cards you're just sentimentally attached to?

I’m at a cross roads

Influx of small forwards

Yellow bron
New pg

Pip and pg are just so smooth so Bron won’t get much use (especially since I mostly run tto and only use phone of the 3)

But Bron was my first ever diamond pull and I’m a Laker guy lol

Amy Dray. Averages 2 points for me (have too many offensive weapons to really worry about that part) but lock up small and traditional PFs, runs the break and great passer.

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Amy dray ain’t sentimental, he’s useful af for the HOF d stopper alone lol

Amy Steven Adams and Oscar Robertson

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I’m sentimentally attached to my wallet this year. Checking it more often than ever if there is a hand near it. Sell everything when you know it’s time.


darius miles, mo pete, and kristaps😂will not remove them

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Ddrop you said that perfect, I was attached to keeping Granger… But with how they kill a cards value…I made more selling him a few night ago than I would in a few months

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Granger, Roy and Klay are the most significant ones. Klay has 4 hof so his lifecycle is bit longer. I even sold Kareem this week, Hakeem may kill his price.

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For now there’s only 1 that I don’t see getting replaced


All the others can get out of my team depending of the cards that drops. But Magic can’t be thrown out if it’s not by another Magic

I really should sell granger but man… i just can’t get myself to do it.


It was hard, but the new pg13 made it a lot easier lol

I got 350k for him…I just want sure how long that value would hold up

Its a crime that pg13 is as cheap as 120k


He was 350k at some point, 250k avg…Now he is half of that even he is still the best pg out there.

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His 97 diamond was 350k at least

Can’t wait to see his Opal go for 600k only

AK. I can’t run a TTO lineup w/o the guy. He’s always been so $$. I can’t even put together experimental lineups that don’t include him.


Yes I really like magic. … He’s is the best playmaker in the game

Forsure magic, hon. mention diamond pg, just upgraded to the new one and it is even better, also Rudy gay was great for me for a long time

Diamond kd

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I wanna pick up granger but can justify the price tag. I bought magic + blake including diamond contracts/shoes for the same price.

Definitely diamond Mitch. I sold him off because I thought j rich was more versatile but man I miss that buttery release