Do yall think diamond shoes will stay at these price?

Im curious to see what happens with them, im assuming they might eventually get to a bid only

Amethyst Dr. J has a 71 open 3, so im guessing the PD Dr. J will have something around 80-82, in which these shoes i believe will skyrocket in prices

Im referring to open 3 or speed with ball

What is your take on DI Shoe market in general, including the cheaper and less desirable ones? Is right now a generally high point in the market?

I have a few of the ~cheapest ones lying around to sell, if so.

If you’re not gonna use them might as well sell them

I think the elite ones will go up, i completely forgot about the cover athletes, but honestly i would hold on to the lower shoes, the more cards come out, the more chances of them improving ratings that would actually make a difference in game

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That makes sense. The MT for these is not very consequential, so might as well hold. Thanks.

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