Do we want another season of Supermax?

If 2k renews supermax and we get another season, is anyone wanting to face Gianis at PG and LeBron running a 5 out for another few months?

They should make the last season superstar difficulty

Yup cause it may be PD Wilt

Yes so I can try KP otherwise I’m done with the game

They damn well better! I think PD rose will be the reward

My interest has certainly waned recently. I was a hold out that just dealt with the issues but too often it just isn’t worth the headache this game mode gives us.

Too bad. I love basketball games. But the tactics I have to run to stay competitive are boring too often.

To the forum members that work for 2k:

YES We do want another season.

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Nah. Let it on preseason for the rest of campaign, put on superstar though.

Yes we do, you aren’t forced to play :slight_smile:

Tell that to my captor… I mean dad


Obviously, they need to at least have open “preseason” style play versus strangers, online. Doubt they’ll do more than one more Season, if that, with prizes.

What I really wish is that they’d put it on Superstar. At least maybe Amethyst league and above.