Do we think Giannis will rise much once hes out of packs

Right now hes going for 500k plus with the Kobe AD and a contract. Do we see him rising a ton or staying around that? I LOVE this card but if he rises a ton I dont know if I’ll be able to resist selling him.



right to the point. love it. Dudes insane. Debating on waiting till Wednesday to try and pull him again.

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He’s rare, low odds

Hell rise unless they open the faucet on him

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Dont say that.

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Sorry lol

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Don’t see his price dropping anytime soon unless more people are pulling him. Pack odds have been trash


Looks, like he will.
He’s legend will only grow, and packs odds looks worse with every Anniversary drop.
Even if he gets a Moment, this card will be not so OP.

He can play in every position and he’s players favorite so, yeah.


He’s by far the best card in the game right now. There’s no other card on his level due to how OP height and wingspan are.

It’s going to take a better Porzingis card to dethrone Giannis as best card in MyTeam.

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I suspect he’ll drop a little when MJ drops, he doesn’t beat the GOAT

In the 2k world he does. The guy is a straight create a player. size, speed, length.

No ok whs chamcs get moment card bang few three ha card with 85+three. Maybe?

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Yeah I agree with Carlos. Chances are low but if he gets a good moments card with 85+ three it’s over

Long shor possible

Will giannis rise more than 550k after pack expires? I am thinking of selling mine and just get MJ instead

this will be the best auctionable giannis so yes

I will just use his heat check. PD giannis is too op for me