Do we really think limited BRoy is gonna drop in price any time soon?

Title. I’m definitely tempted to pick him up but I’m curious if you all thought his price would drop. Seems like his price is only going up, and PD Klay did nothing to his price.

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I’m waiting for him to drop at the 400-450 mark.

That’s what I was hoping for too, but I’m starting to question if he will get that low

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I think on the last days of the packs he will get 500K low

i ended up getting the limited BROY for 400k yesterday, 9 ended at the same time and i think i was super lucky. i loved the card but just could not get his release down so i sold today found a good window and it sold for 680k

I am not sure how much in price he will go down as he is 6’6 and very dominant so it means he can still contest players like granger kiki and AK. The cards only down fall is not having 3pt plays though. so could go either way

He will go down ,
There is a lot of the limited ones .