Do we have data on stamina?

Do we have any verification of stamina effects in game? 2k labs or anyone looked into shot percentages at various energy levels, etc.?

I’m dying to know if running 5 all game is a huge disadvantage or not. Ps4 current gen.

Not looking for anyone’s personal opinion, guess, or theory; looking for numbers like with the badges on 2klabs.

I second this inquiry. Seen some users on here saying you can get away with only 5 guys (current gen) and I used to do this and would like to again if viable.

2k labs did a vid on it. I think they said your attributes dip slightly around 59? Don’t remember exactly.

How low stamina has minimal impact on attributes and gameplay is complete BS and unrealistic in my opinion. That’s all I have to say about that.


I have no data but players definitely feel sloppier when tired. I’ve evo’d quite a few cards in 2k20 that means running some players for the whole game. My takeaways are: shooting does not really seem to be affected by low stamina, maybe to some extent and the lower the player’s shooting stats are, the quicker you feel it getting even worse. Ball handling, passing, awareness and defense seem to be the areas most affected by low stamina. Again, the worse their original stats are in certain areas, the worse they get. I’ve noticed it somewhat when playing against someone running a 5-man team in MTU as well. They start playing sloppier at some point when their guys are tired. But I agree - the effects should be a bit bigger than they currently are, at least in online gameplay.

For the life of me I cannot understand why 2K doesn’t address this.

If they made stamina relevant then users would have to have more good cards on their roster which in turns would lead to a slight bump in $$$ for 2K.

With Opal season just around the corner, there won’t be much upside to running more than 5-6 guys.

Maybe it’s just too difficult a fix? Was like this last year, too.

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I’m guessing it’s kinda hard when the game is built primarily around 5 min quarter.

Most of my cards that I use in 2k20 have 98-99 stamina. Opal Batum has 95. He gets tired quicker than others. But that’s just the stamina stat, haven’t noticed him becoming sloppier quicker as well.