Do they change Paul Pierce’s jumpshot

I got his PD few months ago,ad he always had slow release . But I just tried him in Freestyle and think he’s release becomes faster. Does anyone feel the same as me?

I got him not long ago and I love his release

People were saying yesterday that Arenas release was slowed down… but it was not as far as I could tell. However people seem to believe it was which leads me to believe some releases were changed recently. I’ll have to try mine tonight and see for myself

Best news of this year so far me if it’s faster now. Someone please check that out :cowboy_hat_face: or is it just lag free testing ?

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I thought it change ,but I’m not that sure…

If you put ‘Paul Pierce’s release’ and the word ‘fast’ in the same sentence I will believe you.

Then again his real life shot release wasn’t super fast. He tend to slow it down when he’s wide open too.

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I’m his fan when I was a child lol

I just tried him in shoot around on PC MyTeam. Still feels and looks like the same slow shot he had when the game started.

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Base 11, TD/TD is hard to time for me but im a playmaker

:joy: oh well.

I guess @pampas0000 it was all in your head. lol

I am playing a TTO game now , but Instill 90%think they change his release a bit

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