Do takeovers change because of the overall boost?

@DisrespectfulKO mentioned this in a thread and I tho it needed its own

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Like from single takeover to double takeover?

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If they do, I imagine that would be pretty good evidence that Duos actually work…

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No, like post/slash instead of rim/glass for the same guy with the same coach and same shoe… but that would be a good test, too

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It shouldn’t.

Duos are “post game loading” boosts, and shoes/coaches are “pre game loading” boosts.

Takeovers are determined from “pregame loading” attributes.

I’m not positive though. I tried testing a while back with the PD penny/Tmac duo, and wasn’t able to figure it out.


Do the overall boost change the Amy takeover from 1 to 2? Cause that would suck to have opal Lewis with only sharp takeover

It does not.

That should be case closed, then. Right?