Do prospect players get growth hormones?

it’s something I was thinking about many times in the past. I often read articles about players that say they grew so much in a short time.
like zion williamson, the german wikipedia article claims that zion grew 16 cenitmeters (>6 inches) in ONE YEAR!?
how in the world is that possible? do you remember any kid from your high school era that grew like damn 6 inches in one year?
rodman was 5 ft 6 when he was a freshman in high school!? dafuq!?
diwght howard was 5 ft 8 during high school, playing point guard and then grew 1 foot in 1 year???

they get some turtle ooze for lunch or what

I’m not talking about steroids for nba players, I’m talking about hormones for kids who are considered to have nba potential.

Some of them are young enough to where their bodies are still growing, so yes, some prospects do get growth hormones.


I need some dangit

I grew 8 inches in one year during High School lol


One that always blows my mind is Pippen growing like 7 inches in college!

Pretty sure PG13 was still growing when he got the league

Magic was like 6’4” or 6’5” in HS & grew to 6’9” at MSU.

Yeah he was 6’8 when he was drafted and then grew an inch or two like a year later. I remember the local media talking about it a lot. (From Indy)

Geez, yeah I just looked it up again. Blows my mind every time. Pippen went from a 6’1 walk on at an NAIA school to 6’8 and one of the SF’s ever.

Wouldn’t be surprised what kind of testing is there in HS and college if any?

Yeah they get tested

AD went from a 6’2 point guard to 6’10.

McCollum took a ring to Mordor before he decided to become a professional basketball player