Do multiple floor general and defensive leaders stack?

Does having multiple players with above on at same time …stack the bonuses ? Two hof floor generals on at same time for example

no, the only advantage is all 5 will have the +4 rather than 4 players

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Ah fair enough lol.

Is it all stats that are +4? Or specific ones?

floor general = offensive stats
defensive leader = defensive stats

+1 pt per badge level

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I’ve been wondering about this… you pretty confident of that?

Edit: and if you have 1 HoF Floor Gen and another with Gold, is it +4 for 4 players and +3 for the 1?

Everything I’ve seen on it says the same thing. Which makes sense because you could easily get a +12 boost going which seems like a game breaker.

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Yeah, that makes sense. I guess I’ve never figured out if it is possible for the primary Floor General to also receive someone else’s boost (bc he doesn’t boost himself).