Do I need more reliable scorers?

This is my current lineup right now. I consistently hold opponents right at 40% and 40 pts. I lock down some people effectively but my problem is that I can’t score enough.

I’m not trying to flex or some sort but I think I’m decent enough on offense especially on my old lineup. I run flip push freelance and warriors playbook for the guard post up plays that has a blind shooter gettinng a flare screen. But here are some of my theories on why this suffering happens. I would love for you guys to give suggestions I would openly accept it.

Theory 1: Sampson sucks replace him with a true dominant big that has post moves (Kareem?)

Theory 2: Diamond LeBron and doin’ it anymore

  • Move Magic at 1 then Pippen at 3 then Josh Smith at 4

Theory 3: Team lacks shooting. Insert pure shooter off the bench (Klay?)

What do yo guys else see?

All them sg you got there

I would iso a lot with this lineup, everybody is athletic, everybody can get to the paint, I would use that every trip down the court, mix in some post ups and plays

That lineup looks limited to one style of play which is a fast paced drive and kick. Magic definitely needs to be the guy bringing the ball up and charging the basket for a layup or dishing out when the defense collapses. If you need him at PG to do this, do it.
Other than that your teams only other reliable way of scoring is the occasional post fade and pick n’roll/fade.
I personally like to have a guy that eats in the post and someone that I am good with at scoring in isolation.


Yeah is Kareem the guy? I like posting up with my guards alot but an offballing opponent would make that more difficult. Who do you use as your post up big?

If your good in the post Kareem is definitely worth a try. I have GO Wilt starting who is only slowed down by Kareem and Shaq which both are on the bench. Most people won’t have any of the 3 because they can’t stretch the floor. My Cs best games are always against people who run Blake/Porzingis/Giannis/Gasol or other small and/or low strength C. If you have Kareem it gives you flexibility to get easy post points when your opponent can’t match up.

Just iso with Magic and drive and kick. There’s not too many players that can guard Magic 1 on 1, let alone power forwards.

What coach are you using If it’s pop try D’antoni