Do I lock?


Yes 100%

End of the cycle man. If you want him get him bro

whats ur team

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I recommend holding onto 700k Rashard Lewis who will soon massively decrease in value. In no way should you get arguably the best card in the game and utilise him with 1 month left in the cycle

with that team do whatever u want. if u want to play eith the best card in the game then lock it. if u don’t then don’t

If you want the chance to use the best card in the game, 100% lock. I’d probably move Wiseman to PF, Giannis to C and Scottie out of the 10 man rotation, although you can still use him from time to time if you wish

Giannis to C? Guessing you mean SF. Id move Scottie to bench PG, Lamelo to start, Durant SG and Rice to 11th man…with Kareem PF

How much MT do you have left after locking ?


Locking in this set is a no brainer.

Yeah fuck meant SF

That works too, Pippen and Rice are probably the two weaker links

I have 2.2mil mt. Any suggestions?

no suggestions other then the 2 million goat cards but you don’t need to do that. i reccomend waiting till friday and maybe splashing out on that drop. then when the market does it’s final and biggest crash buy the best cards in the game

I dont know how much MT is the set for KAJ right now but if its cheaper than 1 mil MT its a no brainer. If its more expensive than 1 mil MT and if you are thinking to play KAJ at center then I would go with Yao since he is the ultimate best Center at the moment imo. But its not like youre locking all your MT and KAJ is still easily one of the best 5-6 cards in the game and definitely can play equally good at PF and C positions.

best 5-6? you think yao is better thand kaj? you’re as one eyed as collingwood fans
kareem is easlily a top 3 card in the game and definitely better than yao

I mean I wouldnt disagree with you if you say KAJ is top 3. I think he is top 5 its not like Im saying he is trash chill :smiley: I have both Yao and KAJ. I love KAJ dont get me wrong but for Center Yao is better its not a debate for me. Kareem is also ridiculously good but cards like Dino and Wiseman can give you %85 of what Kareem gives you with better tendencies. However NO card in this game gives you what Yao gives you on court.