Do I have a shot?

Didn’t grind for curry at all, currently sitting at level 24 right now with 9 days left?

Is it even possible or would I be wasting my time?

you have a shot if your willing to grind. it won’t be easy but if you start now and play a lot you could get it.

You need 10K + exp per day. It’s possible but you probably need to play 24/7.

Get yourself Deron Williams/Stockton and move on lmao.


don’t do it man. from your position it wouldn’t even be worth it if Curry were GOAT Curry.

I just did the math its more like 15k a day from where i’m at lmao

just get stockton and williams. Both not much worse and you could use your time to grind tto and make hundreds of thousands of mt. which will be better in the long run anyway

Yea I got stockton I was just trying to get ready before this 1st qualifier, 15k/day seems like a long shot, i would be even more pissed if I got to like 38/39 and the season reset lmao

Don’t do that to yourself lol shit is taxing enough when you’re on schedule

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I managed 21 to 32 in 2 days. There are many 1000-1500 xp challenges now, but on the expensive cards like Wilkens, Giannis and Setmasters Green, Latrell.
If you have them you can manage the big xp challenges

Maybe they give amy / di token market challenges, it’s on ruby now.
The higher the tier the more xp you get.
20 3s majerle 700xp.
Maybe 1000-1500 for amy if you’ve unlocked it

I needa 50k challange to drop

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I haven’t even played this year, but you already know they will drop a better/more desirable card two days after guys like you grind to get Curry.


If you want a curry card that will be out done in 11 when season 2 comes along go for it but I’m not wasting my time on curry just wait till better cards are out to grind for

Find a D will in the auction house with HOF RE, problem solved.

Anybody notice how absurd Currys player model is? Hes fucking huge in game lol

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Is it like Oladipo last year?

People thinking Curry about to be outclassed funny asl. When other cards come out what’s stopping Curry users from running those cards on top of running Curry too? LOL.
Or talking about adding HOF badges? Curry can’t get additional badges?
Yall gon be sitting around waiting for Magic getting torched by Curry.

Save your MT and sanity.

You will be able to buy Opal/ Dark matter Curry later if required.

With this slow burn Curry might not be outclassed for at least a month. But alas, to think you can’t be successful without him is corny as hell.

If you got Magic you can put him on opposing SF/PF and someone like Giannis on Curry.