Do Floor General and Defensive Leader stack?

Do Floor General and Defensive Leader stack?

Like if HOF Floor General is +4 to everyone else’s 3pt in the lineup, if u have 2 players w floor general, does it boost other players by +8?

Nah it doesn’t


What stats does it boost?

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Offensive stats so I assume kinda like coach boosts in MyTeam. +4 Driving Dunk/Layup, + 4 Mid/3pt, +4 Post Hook/Fade and etc. When @NBA2KLab drop their Floor General and Defensive Leader test results I make sure to inform everyone interested


Will it improve like Harden player? I dnt think. I’m referring mycareer

By the time the MyTeam Endgame come around I think the badge will be useless as most cards will already have 99 3pt in offensive stats so OP cards probably don’t benefit from running with some who has HOF Floor General

It should stack with shoe and coach boost though, right? That could be huge right now.